Wednesday, 22 February 2017

ROTA Fashion Embroidery Stitch NEC 16th to 19th March

ROTA Fashion Embroidery Stitch NEC 16th to 19th March
9.30 – 12.15
12.15 – 3.00
3.00 - 5.30
Thursday 16th March

Eileen Kenny
Janet Stone
Betty Rorke
Sylvia Martin
Clare Wilkins
Phil Dalmedo

Jan Brooks
Judith Cooper

Friday 17th March

Anne Haigh
Bernadette Wilkinson
Meriel Hutton
Janette Hunter
Margaret Richards
Liz Bamfield

Ruth Dugdale
Lorna Howell
Debbie Eyre
Marion Plumb

Saturday 18th March

Emma Lenton
Marilyn Wrightson
Marion Brown
Ann Smallburn
Merle Sankey
Sue Brown

Wendy Heathfield
Anne Thumpston
Anne Dyas
Sunday 19th March

Sonia Jackson
Denise Carter
Anthea Arnot

Anne Thumpston
Heather Ramsden- Fletcher

Val Daly

Kate Clowes
These are people who have already volunteered, if you can fill any spaces please contact Clare.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Branch Exhibition at Artrix 26th April to 21st May

Branch Exhibition at Artrix 26th April to 21st May
Celebrating 40 years as a branch “Looking Forward Looking Back”

What we want to include.
We would like as many members as possible to get involved in this opportunity so please think about submitting one or more exhibits. The exhibition will showcase work inspired by branch membership. We are looking for pieces across our 40 years, including of course more recent work. There is no need to make something especially therefore. Many of us have existing beautiful pieces. We thought that we would also show our Capability Brown pieces, so please let us have those if possible. This also gives us the opportunity to show the YE piece that was part of our exhibition at Charlecote and much admired. Brand new pieces are of course also welcome and the theme of Fading Beauty will be included as one section and a potential inspiration.
The exhibition space
There is lots of wall hanging space at the venue so we can accommodate large as well as small pieces. There will be some display space for standing items as well, in cabinets, although less of this.
Insurance and selling items
We are insured by the Guild for up to £25,000 in total so we will need you to give us an insurance value for your work. It is also possible to sell your items through the venue. If you want to do so you will need to let us know the price you are asking. The venue will take a commission of 20%.
Submitting pieces
Pieces must be submitted by our meeting on 10th April. They must have your name on the back and be carefully packaged with your name on the packaging as well, so that we can keep them safe when we return them. We are asking you include an information sheet (attached) with your name, the title of the piece and brief details about the inspiration for the work and the methods you used. This information will be used on cards for each piece of work and on laminated information packs that visitors can refer to as they look around. WE will explain at a meeting what you need to do to enable the piece to then be hung by the venue.
Stitching sessions at the Venue
We plan to have drop in stitching sessions on Saturday 29th April and Saturday 13th May when we will hopefully add more leaves to the Library tree. Please put those dates in your diary and join us if you can.
Tell your friends
Please help us spread the word we will have something that you can share with others by the next branch meeting. Artix is open for visitors 10 till 4 Monday to Saturday.

The attachments for your work

Information Sheet to Accompany Each Piece Sent for Exhibition

Your Name

Title of the Work

Estimated Value

Sale Price if Relevant (If not please mark NFS)

Some information about the piece including the date completed, your inspiration, and the methods you used. Any links to specific branch related activities should be included.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Embroiderer’s Guild Birmingham Branch Notices February 2017

Embroiderer’s Guild Birmingham Branch Notices February 2017

Welcome and a special welcome to our guest speaker Richard Box we are all looking forward to hearing from you.
I am keeping the general notices brief tonight as you also have to take away notes about our exhibition in April and about our next meeting.
For those who are taking part tonight is the first time we swap Travelling Books let Meriel know if there are any problems. Don’t forget Stitch of the Quarter is chain stitch.
Branch exhibition at Artrix in Bromsgrove from 24th April this year to 22nd May. See the separate sheets for more information
Next year’s programme is available. If you haven’t already got a copy please pick one up. Don’t forget Day Schools and sign up with Margaret if you fancy attending a day. June 24th is Textile Art with Mikala Gyetvai. Hopefully everyone who had signed up will have already been told that Nicola Jarvis has let us down so the March work shop is cancelled. Our apologies but not our fault, to make up for this we have a booking instead at Cotteridge on 27th May when Anne Haigh will lead a Canvas Work Day this will be at a reduced cost of around £15 as Anne is being very generous with her time. Requirements list will be at the March meeting. Please start to sign up tonight.
March raffle colour is yellow
We continue to meet at the Library first Saturday of the month and will be there on March 4th Do join us if you can; we have a lovely time when there.
We have had some donations for the Sales table. The next Sales table will be at the March meeting so come prepared with cash and anything you want to donate.

Don’t forget Show and Share every month. It was great at the last meeting, so hope that continues.

We have had a message from the Guild about an appeal for donations to support the move of the collection to its new home. We will be discussing this as a committee in a couple of weeks. Please get in touch with one of the committee if you have any thoughts about this.

The March meeting is a stitching activity, Tea-Flora-Tales which you may remember was mentioned by Cas Holmes at the Regional Day. See over the page for more details, please come to the March meeting with your sewing kit and bits and pieces you want to include.

Bernadette Wilkinson on behalf of the committee.

February with Richard Box

Our speaker was Richard Box who inspired us talking about his background as an artist and using stitch in his work, it was inspiring to hear how Richard develops his pieces and defiantly whetted our appetite for our November workshop when we will have the opportunity to create our own Poppies piece.

The raffle - popular as ever was Orange and we ha a lovely selection of contents for the bag, we also
had an additional prize of a book donated by Richard.

Show and Share bought us some great examples of Stitch of the Quarter - Chain Stitch

Clare's folio for Show and Share

The March meeting is a stitching activity, Tea-Flora-Tales which you may remember was mentioned by Cas Holmes at the Regional Day. See over the page for more details, please come to the March meeting with your sewing kit and bits and pieces you want to include.

March raffle is yellow - see you on March 13.

Friday, 10 February 2017

February Meeting with Richard Box Febriary 13.

We are delighted that Richard is joining us in February as our Guest Speaker for his talk 'Richards adventures in paining and Embroidery, this will be followed up in November with a workshop-'Fabric collage with machine and hand embroidery.

Do have a look at Richard's website

This months Raffle is Orange so if you can please do bring a small contribution for the bag and don't forget to see Janette for your tickets.
2016  Orange Raffle

If you're new to the Guild, visitors are welcome, and the first session is free and we will tell you about ongoing fees. Please see here for details of where we meet. See you there!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

DAY SCHOOLS 2016-2017

The Friends Meeting House Cotteridge B30 1JB 
Unless otherwise stipulated
Booking through Margaret Richards 0121 624 8588 or

Sept 17 ‘Transparent Images’ Kathleen Laurel Sage
(Northfield Friends’ Meeting House)

Nov 26 Dyeing Edwina McKinnon


Jun 24 Textile art Michala Gyetvai

Nov 25 Fabric collage with machine and hand
embroidery Richard Box

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Library February 4th

We will be in our normal spot on the Mezzanine floor above the library cafe from 11 am until about 2 pm (don't forget the library does not open until 11 am although the cafe is open downstairs from 9am).  Everyone is welcome to join us to bring any stitching projects you are working on whether you need a bit of help or encouragement or just want to join in the social event and carry on with your project. We will have fabric and threads available if you want to join in. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

March Practical Activity Evening - save your tea bag wrappers!!

We are planning our March Practical Activity evening.

Those of you that attended the Regional Day last year may recall Cas Holmes talking about          Tea-Flora-Tales and we are planning to join in with this interesting project.

The project makes use of the Tea Bag Papers that we often pick up in hotels etc. so if you have any or come across some for the next month or 2 please do hold on to them to bring along in March.

To see more about the project follow the link magpieofthemind

Friday, 20 January 2017

Michala Gyetvai

Michala is joining us for a talk at our May meeting and she is running a workshop on June 24.

You may be interested to know that Michala has an work in an exhibition 'Made in the Middle' at the moment it's on view at The Herbert Art Gallery in  Coventry but on the 6th March until 29th April the exhibition will be open at Parkside Gallery, Birmingham City University.

For more information about Michala visit

Thursday, 12 January 2017

New Year Tale of 2 Members Travelling books and more....

We had a great start to the new year with 2 very different but equally interesting stories of members lives in stitch, as Bernadette said in the introduction this is always one to look forward to and we were not disappointed!

We heard first from Marion Hilbourne who talked about learning to stitch at school in Torquay and later sewing for her family, progressing to kits and then her undoing as she came across the Embroiderer's Guild from where she has taken inspiration, joining many day schools and attending classes.  There were many delightful examples of Marion's work for us to enjoy and aspire to.
Marion also reminded us that embroidery is not a craft but an Art Form.

Next came the Heather Ramsden -Fletcher who told a different story of being inspired by her father and after her textile GCSE (not a total success!) did little in stitch until discovered cross stitch.   Heather has never limited herself in her journey in textiles and has dabbled with knitting, crochet, felt making and a embellishing machine as  well her favorite ornament - a spinning wheel!

Heather told us about her work with Hilary Beattie, working from sketch books and developing her stitch through this form.  With her 5 year plan we look forward to seeing what will be coming in the future......

Meriel told us about travelling bools and those that have signed up now have a list of contact details for those in their group so they can keep one another informed if they are not able to attend a meeting and make arrangements to pass the books on.  Also please remember to sign your work either on the work itself or on the page in the book.

If you are interested in helping on one of the Guild stalls at Fashion Embroidery and Stitch in March make sure you contact Clare to sign up.

We have started Stitch of the quarter and many members took printouts and we look forward to seeing examples of work produced in travelling books and at future show and share.

Show and Share will now happen every month and we had a good start with these examples ...

Marion Brown produced her own mini exhibition including last months competition  runner up  (by a casting vote) of the Bull in Costume. 

Remember to bring along your work to share at future meetings.

This months raffle was red - thanks as usual for the great donations and lovely bag, with one to follow.

And some members enjoying the meeting

See you for the next meeting on February 13th when we are joined by Richard Box and the raffle is Orange.  We will be at the library as usual on Saturday 4th.